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Dan Calley is a Voiceover Artist, one of the UK's favourite independent audiobook narrators and now a published author. He can turn his voice to any accent and works with his clients closely to achieve the perfect result.

He works regularly with clients such as Tantor and Bee Audio, plus a wealth of mega-talented independent authors.

Dan is also an incredibly experienced audio engineer and sound designer and will make sure that your book is recorded and produced to the highest standard to whatever audio spec. you require. He has narrated a number of genres, including crime, non-fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, YA, romance and specialises in M/M romance. 

He will guide you through the audiobook process from start to finish, taking the time to get character voices and tone spot-on for you before beginning the narration process. Dan will include a free consultation on Skype/Zoom/Google Meets/MS Teams if required as well.  


Once everything is prepped, he will narrate, produce and master the audiobook so that it sounds fantastic!

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