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Here's what people are saying about Dan Calley

Check out some of the amazing reviews that I've received from clients, readers and critics alike.

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'Narrator Dan Calley slid into the comfortable position of 'Stand back and watch me ya’ll!'. His self-assurance with using different voices, tones and emotions so much more effortlessly, shines positively on the enormous task of narrating an epic fantasy. He melted with the characters to tell us a tale and experience fantastic escapism.' - Mel Rose (Blue Rose Reviews) ★★★★★



'The accents in this were clear and distinct, Dan made it easy to differentiate between them, and they never lost their identities. I think his experience as a narrator shone through and added another layer to the story in the most subtle of ways, He gave this story a heart and soul and I loved every minute of it.'  - Louisa Mae (author) ★★★★★

K.A Finn Author


Dan has narrated three books for me so far and I was blown away with the results. He is so easy to work with and completed my audiobooks quickly and to a very high standard. 

I have thrown a lot of characters at him - both male and female from Earth and beyond - and he has exceeded my expectations every single time. His range of voices and accents is incredible.

I wouldn’t consider working with another narrator now I’ve found Dan and can’t wait to see what he does with my next few books.

Don't Series by Jack L Pyke

There hasn’t been one dialect I’ve thrown at Dan Calley that he couldn’t do, and he’s narrated nine of my works now. Estuary English - nailed it. Cockney - nailed it. Brummie - nailed it. Welsh… and all  those long Welsh spellings - nailed it!  To add to that, Dan has this very beautiful versatile narration when it comes to tone and tonicity: rough and mature, perfect for my thrillers, youthful, vital for my YAs, right through to soft and sensual for the overall romance elements. He just brings such a whole range of voices and ages to the table that my readers really love. But beyond that, on the production side, he’s an absolute gem to work with. He has such a high standard of narration when it comes to what he produces, he’ll work until we both say it’s perfect. Dan is most definitely highly, highly recommended. - Jack L Pyke (Author)

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